All Milani & Associates employees, across the board, work together to achieve a common set of goals, and share the passion to advance themselves at their chosen profession. Each Milani employee is valued, given responsibility and provided an opportunity to achieve and grow, through the projects they work on, as well as numerous professional development opportunities.

Opportunities for personal growth and professional development
Milani’s commitment to individual growth and advancement is supported by various internal, company sponsored seminars and workshops. Additionally, Milani’s policy is to reimburse employees for the successful completion of a wide range of career development and educational opportunities of their own choosing.

How to Apply
Milani & Associates is always looking for qualified candidates for engineering positions, surveying and mapping and field engineering services at all levels. Even if no specific positions are indicated as being open, interested candidates are encouraged to submit resumes so that when opportunities do become available, they will be the first to be contacted.

Minimum Requirements for:

Entry Level

Four-year or equivalent BS program in Civil Engineering or Engineering Technological/Surveying Curriculum

Licensing Requirement: None
Experience: None


Four-year or equivalent BS program in civil engineering or engineering technological/surveying curriculum.

Licensing Requirement
Engineering & Training (EIT) or Land Surveying & Training (LSIT)

1-3 years in consulting civil engineering environment or construction related activity, i.e. field engineer or field surveyor. Basic knowledge of AutoCAD/civil design/surveying & mapping; Basic working knowledge of Microsoft Office.

Level 4

Same Requirements as Level 2/3 but must be a professional civil engineer or land surveyor licensed to practice in the State of California.

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