Surveying & Mapping 

With state-of-the-art equipment, professional and scientific methods and flexible services, Milani & Associates’ surveying and mapping services can tackle a variety of commercial, residential and industrial projects.

Utilizing the latest CADD and field technology, our mapping and field engineering staff provides efficient, accurate and precise surveying and mapping services. Utilizing constant monitoring of on-site progress, combined with the ability to instantly communicate with on-site crews, Milani & Associates can address issues before they have a chance to negatively impact the project timeline and budget.

Surveying & Mapping Services Include:

  • Parcel, subdivision and final map preparation
  • Right-of-way surveys to Caltrans Standards
  • Surveys for planning and design including control, topography and subdivisions
  • ALTA/NSPS mapping services
  • Boundary surveys and records of survey
  • Construction surveying, including computing, staking and as-builts
  • Topographic and utility field surveying and mapping
  • Horizontal and vertical control surveys
  • Precise level surveys
  • Expert testimony/forensic services
  • Map checking
  • Condominium conversions
  • Lot line adjustments
  • UAV mapping services
Two construction workers in high-visibility vests and hard hats using a theodolite on a construction site.

Our technical mapping staff consists of accredited and/or licensed professionals specializing in survey, mapping and design related services. Our project managers are typically licensed professionals trained to provide timely, cost effective and informative services to our developer clients. And our surveying staff is trained and experience in the art of quality survey and mapping services.

Through the years, Milani & Associates has completed mapping services ranging from multi-phased final maps with hundreds of lots, to minor subdivisions comprising of only two lots.

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